Georgian (1714-1837)

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History of Georgian Jewellery

The term “Georgian Era” is a big term, because it is an era that spans 130 years and covers the reign of not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 5 English Kings, nearly all of which were called, you guessed it, George: King George I, King George II, King George III, King George IV, and poor lonely King William IV. Creative lot the English were, huh? Despite the era itself being very long with the changing of so many different kings, the fashion and jewellery progressed very slowly. Travel, especially in comparison to later time periods, was slow. European societies followed very standard rules and progress and next to no one shock the boat. It was very much the thing day after day. And thus fashion and jewellery didn't really change. However, there are a few very distinct Georgian jewellery characteristics within this period.

Georgian Era Kings

Typically, pieces were made from a very high karat of gold or silver. They were the only precious metals in use at the time. And jewellery was very high in karat, because they would try to use the purest form of the material. Although strangely enough they would often use foil-backs with stones like diamonds, topazes, and garnets. This technique is used to create a brighter and sharper shine; however, it isn’t exactly the purest form of the material. Now a days this technic is still used, but never with genuine stones. If you see this on a stone in a piece a jewellery now you can be sure that the stone are synthetic and sure enough the metal material isn't very valuable.

Foil back gemstones

You can often tell what time period a piece of jewellery comes from based on the cut that was used on the gemstones. The way stones were cut in the past compared to the way they are cut today are vastly different and therefore distinct to the eras they came from. This is due to things like the tools and technology that were available and gemologists’ understanding of physics and how light works. Georgian era jewellery uses a lot of different styles of stone cutting. Common styles used were point-cuts, table-cuts, old mine cuts, old single cuts, and rose cut.

Point Cut Table Cut Old Single Cut
Rose Cut
Old Mine Cut




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