Mid-Century (1950s-1960s)

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Everything you need to know about Mid-century Jewellery
The war was over! Time to get back to the glitz and glam.After Ve-Day people wanted to celebrate the end of the war for ages to come by expressing themselves in every way possible including in their jewellery. Everyone retreated from the stark bland clothing of the 40s and move towards drama and sparkle. They needed it. 
Jewellery designs became very feminine, elegant, and well-crafted. The motifs used were predominately nature based with subjects such as animals, flowers, vines, and starbursts. Jewellers got experimental as they played with the texture of the precious metals and developed new techniques like mesh, brush, and braided metals. With the war over materials were dramatically more accessible, thus bring platinum and diamonds back into fashion.
Mid-century Jewellery Set
Matching jewellery sets were another abandoned jewellery trend, resurrected during this time. Jewellery sets at this point had cohesive motifs that flowed through each piece, making it more evident that rings, necklace, brooch, earrings, and/or bracelet all belong to each other, and in turn, all belong to a single person.
People in the west never felt freer during this time. They had won a war against evil, they had their loved ones back home, and they finally had the finances and resources to express themselves anyway they saw fit and the jewellery from this time tells us all of that.


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