Retro/Retro Modern (1940s-1950s)

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Everything to know about retro/retro modern jewellery
Retro or Retro Modern sounds like we should be talking about some groovy Judy jewellery inspired by up-and-coming pop art and civil rights movements, like the “retro” we attribute to the 60s and 70s. But in actuality, it is a style that comes from a much darker place in history; World War II.
Retro Modern jewellery was a means of countering the doom and gloom of the war. It was a style that was meant to offset the serious, somber, and depressing style of WWII clothing with playful motifs and colours. The pieces were big, or at least they tried to be with what little resources were left after being taken for war efforts. Women relied on feminine motifs like flowers, bows, and butterflies, to soften the masculine and dreary clothes they had to wear.
Tiffany's was a major influence during the retro/retro modern jewellery era
Designers like Schlumberger and Tiffany & Co. emerged and grew in popularity because of their feminine designs that favored the naturalistic looks of flowers and birds. Since precious resources were scarce during and after war times, jewellers turned to more budget friendly materials like semi-precious stones.
Amethyst Retro style ring
Usually, you have precious stones like rubies and emeralds accented by semi-precious stones like topazes and garnets. However, during this time it was actually the other way around. Semi-precious stones became the main showcase in a piece of jewellery while precious stones the accent pieces. This allowed the wearer to feel important, but still be within budget. Retro Modern jewellery was often bold, geometric designs set in rose, yellow, and/or white gold.


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