About Emily

Emily Auyeung is a Canadian award-winning jewellery designer who has worked for her father, Moon Auyeung since he first opened the store in 1980. She took over the family business in 1993. Emily always had an innate talent for design and entrepreneurship. It was a natural gift that she sought to fine tune and use to her advantage. After taking over the business Emily expanded into larger spaces, building an international repertoire with the fine jewellery community. She won the “Excellence in Jewelry Design” award at the Canadian National Jewelry Design Competition in 2005, and was later nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award in 2011.

Emily has never lost sight of what mattered - the customer and the art of making jewellery. Most jewellery stores purposefully try to emote an air of prestige that is too focused on appearance, resulting in shaming any potential patrons who feel as though they do not fit in. Emily’s main priority for L.J. & Diamonds is making every single customer feel welcomed and cared for no matter their appearance or budget. This means making lasting quality products and providing zero judgement service.

Inspired by her travels and her experiences Emily crafts unique designs that vary in style, purpose, and budget. Her knowledge of materials and creative play with design makes it possible to produce spectacular custom pieces that are always one of a kind. Her focus on your needs, wants, and diverse lifestyles motivate Emily to make vastly different designs, so no matter what you are looking for there will always be something here for you.

Silver by Emily is a wonderful compilation of high quality, long-lasting, well-priced jewellery that caters to the vast majority of the public, allowing everyone to look and feel their absolute best.