Taking Care of your Silver by Emily piece

Taking care of your Silver by Emily piece is incredibly easy. Silver by Emily is plated with rhodium. Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time. But with rhodium plating, your Silver by Emily piece will never tarnish! However like all jewellery, your pieces will get dirty over time with regular wear.

Here are some tips to care for your pieces:

  1. Watered down ammonium (Windex) is great for cleaning up your Silver by Emily piece. Not only is it great for the silver, but it will also shine up the cubic zirconia stones. Simply dip the piece in the water-ammonium solution and swish it around. Then rinse your piece in cold water and it will be as good as new! Do not do this with pearl pieces.
  2. You can also use a cleaning cloth to clean your pieces. Contact us to learn about our cleaning cloths! 
  3. Jewellery cleaner is another great way to clean your Silver by Emily pieces. Contact us to learn about our jewellery cleaner!
  4. Do not wear lotions or perfumes with your pearls. Lotions and perfumes will cause damage to your pearls.
  5. Do not use silver cleaner on your Silver by Emily pieces! Silver cleaner is corrosive, and it will strip the rhodium plating off your silver pieces.